Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weekend Challenges and Success

So week one is down!  I think there is a major mental hurdle you surpass at the one week mark. I feel much more at ease coming out of the weekend.  I planned a few too many social encounters this weekend, WAY too early-on for my willpower to catch up.  This weekend my sister and I took my Mom to a concert for her birthday.  Because this was an evening event, I could skip the dinner plans and meet up with the fam to just go out.  Juice was my cutest accessory! This juice fast supplied a built-in designated!  Which was perfectly fine and pretty funny in fact.  I drank pints of water with lemon all night at the show and felt very included in the fun.

On Saturday night my boyfriend and I went over to my sister's house to play with my nephew and hang out with the family.  My sister made a delicious dinner of stuffed sweet potatoes and braised brussels sprouts with kale.  My boyfriend had a steak with some veggies...and I had juice.  It is way to hard to sit at the dinner table while others eat. I should have taken my nephew for a walk. Even if my stomach wasn't grumbling; it is hard to sit there and not eat.  I felt grumpy and left out. (Not anyone's fault, I realize. I am the one who decided to juice fast.) I also have to stop and recognize that the weight loss, increased energy, and great rest are all worth passing up a few weeks of meals.  As my sister says, "Nothing is going extinct while you're dieting."  And she's right.  Stuffed sweet potatoes will always be there. I even bet my sister will make them for me while I play with my nephew in a few short weeks. 

Starting my second week back at work on the fast feels much more natural.  I feel less carnivorous and more calm.  My hunger isn't intense; in fact I feel no more hungry than when I was eating.  I have extra stressful events scheduled at work this week.  And even though I will be traveling all day tomorrow with lots of stops and a business lunch; I am grateful that I am portable with my juice packed along with me. When I get hungry I don't have to stop for food.  I just need to reach into my cooler bag for some juice and keep going. 

With my head clearer and the scale down 7.4 pounds now; I look forward to the coming days on my Reboot.

Keep calm and Juice on!


  1. You go girl!!! You are stronger than you think!! Again, I am so proud of you. I see how happy, healthy and terrific you are feeling.
    Love Mom

    1. Thanks Mom! The motivation definitely keeps me going. Love you!!