About Me

Hi!  I am a 31 year old girl in search of a higher level of health and fitness.  I am an avid home cook, grill girl to be exact.  I have a loving family, including a 1 year old nephew whom I adore, and SUPER sexy, supportive boyfriend that are the direct beneficiaries of my BBQ expertise. I fancy myself the most active chubby girl you know!  I play softball, love spin class, walking, swimming, and workout DVDs. Though I am an allergic, asthmatic little thing, I love the outdoors and love to goof off!  In the recent past I have been trying different theories to cleanse my body and drop some weight.  Calorie counting has been the best solution to date.  I am seeking an option that can reduce cravings and reset my eating habits.

Last week I had lunch with my best friend and her father. They have known me since childhood and been privy of my endeavor to loose weight in a healthy way.  Though her dad had always had a lean build (graduated high school at 99 pounds!!! Bean pole I'd say!) he had slowly gained weight over the years.  At lunch he looked like he had regained his previously slim physique and was vibrant and energetic. He told me had been juicing. He then proceeded to tell me about the movie, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" a Joe Cross film, that his wife had been urging him to watch.  To which he replied, "That sounds depressing."  And I agree.  I would rather be watching "BBQ Pitmasters" instead!  I call that food porn. Ha!  He finally sat down and watched the documentary and began juicing the next morning.  In just over 60 days of juice cleansing he lost nearly 60 pounds!  He noted that it was with relative ease that he survived the 60 days, with A LOT of support from his wife Lucy.  She did all the veggie prep and juicing.  He informed me of all incredible health benefits members of the Reboot community had experienced in addition to significant weight loss.

After doing some research and reading a profile of a man who nearly healed himself of his asthma and as a result packed up his CPAP machine in addition to clearing up his psoriasis.  I dove head first into the juicing challenge!  I called my mom, asked if I can borrow her juicer for 2 months.  (Of course she said yes...hence the supportive family aspect.) I am now at the end of my week-long vegetarian cleanse in prep for starting my juice feast on Sunday.  My plan is to go 60 days sustaining myself on fresh squeezed fruit and veggie juice alone.  I will drink about a gallon of juice split into 4-5 servings per day. I will be blogging to track my progress and update you all on how it is going.  Feel free to ask me anything! God knows I'm not shy!



  1. Love this Kelly!!! ~Dena

    1. Thanks for your support Dena! Love ya!

  2. You have really inspired me!! Thank you! Can I ask? what did you weigh when you started? I struggle with asthma and eczema too and I want to start juicing for January and February. Any advice?

  3. Hi Kelly I to have eczema it started to be active when I started juicing I have been doing the mean green could you ell me if this is normal.

  4. I saw you started juicing after seeing that documentary by Joe Cross. I wonder how many people started juicing after that?