Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Doctor's Opinion

This time next week I will be enjoying my last juice only day on the Juice Fast!  After struggling through the first few weeks of the fast and feeling like the end would never come; it is an amazing feeling seeing the finish line approaching.

I chose to have blood work done in the middle of the fast to see how it impacted my body and if it was indeed safe.  I finally got a chance to see my doctor yesterday and review the results.  Everything looked fantastic! An interesting area on my results was that my protein levels were in a healthy range.  One of the major concerns I hear from people is, "Where do you get your protein?"  Obviously I consume much less protein than if I were eating regularly but not too little to survive on.

Overall, my doctor said that I was cleared to juice as long as I like.  Infact he said, "Why stop?"  My body had responded to it very well and my blood work is proof of it's safety.  My doctor recommends focusing on the Asian Food Pyramid rather than the American Food Pyramid.  He always says to eat like an Asian farmer.  Heavy on the fruits and veggies and grains.

Though my 60 Day Juice Fast is ending, I plan to continue to juice and incorporate raw and whole foods.  Because this program is working so well for me and my doctor gave me the green light to continue; I believe I will juice two meals per day and eat one meal. (As outlined in the "Plus Dinner" Reboot)  This will allow my digestion to reawaken and provide a more normal (in the eyes of society) eating pattern.  If I need to attend a business lunch, I can.  If I want to join my boyfriend for dinner, I will.

So many friends of mine have begun juicing and I have promised a few of you I would put up a few new recipes. So, for Laura and Jessica, here is my absolute favorite fruit juice!!!

Honeydew Heaven
1 Honeydew melon
1 Pineapple
3 packages Organic Green Grapes
1 lemon

This makes a gallon and can pick you up and satisfy your hunger any time of the day. I normally save a few ounces as an evening treat.

Better than Koolaid Fruit PUNCH
1 Pineapple
10 Peeled Oranges (Leave the white fights cancer)
4-6 Honeycrisp Apples
1-2 pounds of Organic Strawberry
1/2-1 Cantaloupe
1 Lemon

This juice will knock your pants off! (Rather than socks!) It was so flavorful it made me yell OOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEE at the top of my lungs!

I am so excited for those of you just starting your journeys.  This fast forces you to get to know yourself better.  It identifies what we can and cannot handle.  It forces you to set boundaries to make yourself successful and helps you put you and your health first.  Though challenging and painful at times; the enlightenment attained through the process is priceless.

Always remember my mantra:
"You're tougher than you think."


  1. Thanks for the recipes! I will try them this weekend.

  2. I would love to try your fruit punch. I need some good juicing recipes now that I am thinking of starting. I know that it will help improve my life.
    Cynthia |

  3. This looks delicious! I think the kids will love them.

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