Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Juice Fast's effect on my emotions

This weekend brought unforeseen struggles my way on my juicing journey.  I missed food very badly this weekend.  I wasn't particularly hungry, just craving food. Any food. Even the frozen pizza my boyfriend was eating looked appetizing.  I realized I was feeling bored and sensitive.  I never understood how profoundly food effects our emotions.  We play games with ourselves all day long surrounding food. We think, "Oooh! I can't wait, I'm going to grill steak for dinner!"  Or, "Just one more hour and I'll run and get a sandwich at lunch."  Or even, "I worked so hard today, I deserve a little ice cream."  I realized that without eating, not only do I have a lot more time on my hands, I have a lot more time in my head.  I don't have the little daily rewards to look forward to. Not that Green Juice isn't completely delicious! And with my plan to go 60 days on the Juice Fast, the end in nowhere in site.
Being flooded with emotions, I retreated to my room to clean furiously and cry.  I can't pin point exactly why I was crying.  I know I felt left out...of eating tasty things.  I also was feeling a little overwhelmed.  I have committed to a major change and a lengthy time line and I was feeling vulnerable on only day 15!  There are a lot of people rooting for me and excited to see my big transformation and here I am crying about food only a quarter of the way through my journey. As I am violently folding and putting away clothes my boyfriend comes in to check that a tornado had not hit my bedroom and comfort me.  He said that of course it is hard. That I hadn't eaten food in over two weeks, there were bound to be some emotions.  Truly, I think I just needed to cry.  I needed to let down my guard and release a little tension. Immediately afterward I felt a sense of relief.

I recognize that with great results comes great challenges.  No outcome worth having was going to come easily.  Otherwise the news would be telling stories of how healthy Americans are rather than our obesity problems. I am committed to this process and all that comes with it.  Even it produces tears at times.

The good news is that today is day 18 for me and I am down 11.7 pounds.  I still have excellent energy levels and I am still sleeping like a baby.  I am motivated to continue on and really excited to pass the one month mark. I would be interested in the emotional journeys you have all experienced while Juice Fasting.

Keep the juice flowing!


  1. Always remember you're sister and mom are always here... I can come and play games ... (I think I have clue.... or anything..we can try those tribal yells!! Oh yeah! You have been keeping to yourself.. when there are others (like myself who.. don't have to eat... but still love you and want to be around you...) I just looked, I have Jenga... the game. I have bacgamon.... come on my child.... Let the help flow... Love you. Mom

  2. Hahaha! Mom, you are amazing and hilarious!!! I think we should stick to the tribal yells! That'll make me some friends!
    Love you! Thank you for your support!

  3. Kelly you are so strong and always amaze me with your positive spirit. Ou are right your journey is not an easy one but I'm sure you'll pull through and feel amazing. And you're almost at the end of week three! You deserve major props because that feat alone would make anyone cry!

  4. Thanks for your blog and this comment. I am only on day 5 of this journey but your words inspired me and your honesty with your struggles. I am doing good so far but I know I will have my highs and lows. Thanks for sharing your success so we can all follow.

  5. I am on day 8 of a 10 day juice fast and this past weekend was incredibly difficult for me. I experienced emotions that I never thought possible due to food! It was crazy, so I really appreciate this post and knowing that it wasn't just me and what I went through was normal. I think my boyfriend thought I was possessed! Glad to say I survived and overcame and now I am ready to finish this strong!

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